Child Custody False Allegations - 2 Proven "Flips" to Make False Child Abuse Allegations Work for You

There is no more terrifying feeling than being in the middle of a high conflict custody battle with your ex, unless it's being thrown completely off guard by being falsely accused of child abuse. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn the tables and make it work against them? Now you can.

Most of us are caught like deer in the headlights when we get the news that we have been accused of some reckless, dangerous, or heinous child custody false allegations involving our children. It is enough to make you physically ill. If you were once naive enough to believe that you would both be truthful and let the court decide your case based on the facts, you now face a serious wake-up call. Your case will now focus on horrendous false accusations of child abuse which will detract from the case you had once built. How do you deal with it and put it back on track? Let's take a look.

Child Abuse - Physically harming the child

What kind of person falsely accuses a parent of child abuse? That is the question you will get to ask once you flip it on them. This one comes in two different flavors, "With" and "Without" Child Protective Services (CPS). Let's look at both.

First let's look at charges of abuse without CPS.

The ex has decided that you are to credible and getting too much positive attention from the courts. They want to bring you down a peg or two, so they tell the court you abuse the child. They may give a couple of examples that have just a hint of truth, like the child did something that needed to be punished so you put them on timeout or maybe spanked them (never spank again, you can discipline without it and it looks bad in court). The fact that there is an element of truth is the most difficult element here.

You will need to explain that truthful element. That is the child was with you and something happened. Freely admit the truth that the child was with you but explain that either nothing happened or that what happened is not abuse and that you have simply have different opinions on how to raise your child. Then move on and take the offensive.

Here's the "flip". If the ex really thought it was child abuse and the child was in danger, why didn't they call the police or CPS? A parent who truly believes their child is being abused would not wait to call the authorities. The fact is they don't like you or the way you parent so they label it abuse when it is really a difference of opinion.

They now have a history of lying to the court and you get to use it against them forever. They wrongfully accused you of child abuse but never called the authorities and only used it as a tactic. What kind of parent does that? A parent who cares more about winning than ensuring the healthy relationship and bond between the child's parents.

In the first part of this series we talked about how high conflict parents may falsely accuse you of child abuse. How terrifying it can be to be wrongfully accused and how it changes your case. But what happens when the call CPS? How can you "flip" that into a good thing?

In the first section we talked about how to turn a false allegation into a good thing, but how can you do that with CPS? I mean there are all kinds of scary stories about CPS taking children from parents, there is a stigma attached to being investigated, and this can be good how?

Let's look at charges of Child Abuse with CPS.

Again as in our first example the ex decides that you are getting far more custody, visitation, attention, than you deserve so they decide a visit by CPS will surely get them a leg up on you. You will be busy explaining why CPS would come to your house or investigate you. The last thing you will be doing is getting custody, or so they think.

Out of the blue you get a call from a stranger, a CPS worker that wants to interview you, and your heart drops. You're first instinct is to be defensive. Don't be, they are doing their job and following up on information to protect your child. Let them know how glad you are that they are around to do this important work. Next, this is CRITICAL, let them know that you are in a bitter custody dispute. You understood these things happen but you didn't think they would happen to you. Things have been going well for you and you suspect your ex has become desperate and either called themselves or put a friend or family member up to it. This is the smoking gun they are looking for. It gives them reason to understand the motivation for the call and clear you.

CPS will interview both parents, the child, and any other people involved. If the child doesn't report anything to them (that's the critical element), but all your ex's friends and family talk about the horrible person you are, CPS will conclude that this is a setup. They will know that this was a wild goose chase, the kind they see regularly.

Congratulations, CPS has just closed the case because the charges against you are unfounded. You have been "certified" (not really but you might as well be) by CPS and cleared. This is where the "flip" comes in. You now get to use this against the ex forever. Because you were falsely accused of child abuse and cleared by CPS, you get to boast about it. Your ex has done you a big favor. You may also have the right (like in California) to gain full custody because of false allegations. Even if you don't get full custody, you can use the fact they wrongly accused you to undermine their credibility each time you go back to court.


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