Child Custody False Allegations - How to "Flip" Drug Abuse False Allegations and Make Them Work for You

Now that you have filed all your paperwork and laid the foundation for your child custody order, you get hit with a false allegation that you are an unfit parent because of drug abuse. And just like that your carefully laid plans are up in smoke. Now you are in the fight of your life and you're on the defensive. How do you make this into a good thing? Let's take a look.

Whether you have hired an attorney to represent you or you are In Pro Per (self represented), nothing can destroy your case like false allegations. No matter what allegation it is, you have just gone on the defensive instead of being on the offensive. No matter what the answer, there is no good answer to the question "Are you still using drugs?". You are now in a completely defensive posture, just like the ex wanted you. Or are you?

Just like a game of chess, you sometimes have to sacrifice a small piece to win the game. Well, the ex may have just made the move and taken the small piece. You would be surprised at how quickly this one can be flipped and how it's done. While you may at first think what a horrendous thing to pull (and it is), focus on the long run.

Allegations of Drug Abuse and using Illegal substances:

The first thing I want you to know is that time is your ally. And if time is your ally, it is your ex's enemy. With each passing day, the truth becomes clearer and clearer.

Even if you deny the charges and the court orders drug testing, make sure you get it on your terms. Your terms are, random checks twice a month, paid by the ex. Here's the fun part, while it is a hassle to go twice a month, it establishes that you were and are truthful about not having a habit. It also establishes that your ex is a liar. Oh yeah, and they not only asked to be proven a liar, they are paying for the privilege.

What you agreed to was a program to discredit your ex. Here's the truly beautiful thing, you see, it's a court order. They must continue to pay $120 twice a month, almost $3000/yr to prove they are a liar and you are truthful. The drug test facility must test you because it is a court order. The ex must pay them, because it is court ordered. In order for this expensive reminder of their lies to stop, they must beg the court to stop.

Now seriously, isn't this a whole lot more fun now? You are now the compliant law abiding citizen and they are the liar who would go to any length to get their way, and you have clinical proof!


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