Child Custody False Allegations - 11 Common False Allegations

If you thought your custody case was going to be fought on the facts and then you found out that you have been falsely accused of something horrendous, you're not alone. Find out the most 11 common false allegations made when going through a child custody battle.

You're probably like most people and think that being accused of something you didn't do by your ex in an attempt to keep you from spending time with your child is unthinkable. Well think again, because it is actually very common to use this as a diversionary tactic. But what could be worse than being falsely accused, how about being falsely accused of more than one thing.

That's right, it may not be just a one time deal. You may be accused of several of these things. Now if you want to know the bright side, preparing yourself by familiarizing yourself with the list is your best defense.

Here are the 11 most common false allegations:

  1. Physical abuse of the child
    • Hitting, spanking, or otherwise doing bodily harm
  2. Mental abuse of the child
    • Yelling, profanity, degrading, or otherwise making the child feel badly about themselves (including being with the other parent)
  3. Sexual abuse of the child
    • Inappropriate touching, fondling, play or other inappropriate behavior
  4. Neglect of the child
    • Leaving the child alone, not caring for the child, leaving the child in an unsafe place
  5. Abandonment of the child
    • Taking off without the child, leaving the child without letting some know where you are going or if you will return
  6. Physical abuse of the spouse
    • Laying hands or harmful implements on your ex spouse (harmful for custody if in front of the child)
      Actions leading to a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DV)
  7. Mental abuse of the spouse
    • Yelling, profanity, degrading, or otherwise making the them feel badly about themselves
  8. Financial abuse of the spouse
    • Withholding or denying payment of expenses including child support, spousal support, or other agreed payments
  9. Drug use
    • Problems with prescription drugs or controlled substances
  10. Alcohol
    • Abuse of liquor, including driving while under the influence
  11. Infidelity
    • Inappropriate relationship with another person that causes problems the child is aware of

Now that you know what you have to look forward to (in a not so good way) here's a bit of good news. If you meet these challenges head on and prove that they are truly false, you my have recourse to use the false allegation against them. In California false allegations of child abuse can cost the acuser custody.

If you met these challenges head on and can make a good argument that they are false you can flip it and turn the allegation in your favor. It changes the negative allegation into the positive of the ex not being trustworthy. If they would lie about that, what else would they lie about?

The key to proving the allegation is false it simply this. A liar cannot keep a straight story. Since the lie was made to cover one issue, when another rises up the liar won't be able to remember the details well enough to weave them together. Ask the person investigating the lie to challenge it. For example, if Child Protective Services is called, let them know you are in the middle of a custody battle. This will give them a plausable explanaition for the call. Make sure the case mediator knows that  CPS was called. They can check the records and find out who called. They are smart people who see this all the time.


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